You are motivated, ambitious with plans for more success, however, you are facing big obstacles and you have realized the higher you want to climb, the harder are the challenges.

Using a professional Achievement Coach will make your progress much more effective and successful.

Coaching is the smartest way to increase performance, become more resourceful, achieve your goals, and enjoy life doing it. Does it get any better than that?

My experience in psychology, leadership training, communication skills, and many other areas offer you the resouces that will make a important difference to you. Two heads are better than one, only if they are both focused on the same goal. As your coach, I evaluate and help you analyze all of your options to make the best predictions about your course of action. My highly dev2eloped skills in problem solving and teaching others how to apply advanced critical thinking leads to a sharper more effective mind. I also help you better dev2elop your intuition or internal radar that will give you the edge you need to be more successful. The top 5% of people who achieve the most, rely on the combination of rational and intuitive analysis.

Refine your skills as a leader, decision maker, and a visionary. Your creativity depends on a well lubricated and fast mind. Since your dev2elopment never ends, it is up to you, to search for the best methods to continue expanding your knowledge and accelerating your progress.

Consider that your investment in my professional help will be returned to you many fold. There is plenty of academic research to document that fact. Call my office and enjoy a FREE telephone consult to determine how our work together can help you achieve more. We can appraoch things in a single-focused short term manner, or a more global-goals, long term approach. Whatever suits your needs most.

The office: 212 – 779-4114
John Ryder, Ph.D.