Working on your relationships is a natural part of everyday of life.

I am the psychologist that maximizes your progress and improves the quality of your relationships.

Relationships can be the source of complex problems. However complicated, if you want them to work out then you may need objective, expert advice. I work with individuals or with couples and sometimes with entire families.

I have experience helping people develop excellent relationships at work or at home. What is important is to understand the dynamics of what each person needs and how to meet those needs. When conflicts arise, I try to help both individuals better understand the often unspoken expectations and find new ways to meet each other’s needs.

When your relationship is not feeling good and is filled with conflict then you begin to experience stress and pain. Do not let the normal strains of life steal your well being from you. Let me assist you to resolve the conflicts, develop the skills and understanding to improve the relationship and make healthy progress in your life.

A large part of my practice is dedicated to helping people with interpersonal relations.  We can address professional relationships that may be the source of stress or family issues. There are many ways that I enjoy working on these issues. With couples I can see both people at the same time, or I can arrange separate appointments for each, to let both individuals express their personal concerns.

I am your expert to serve your needs. Call my office and explain to me your situation and allow me to tell you how I can help. Naturally, all information remains completely confidential and I am well aware of how sensitive these matters can be and often deal with the indiscretions some people find themselves in.

Whether you are married, or just passively involved, conflicts happen all the time. I am here to serve your interests. If you need to repair the relationship, I can help you improve the nature of your connection, or, if desired, I can help you resolve the attachments and help people separate if that is the better choice in the situation. I do believe in the value of relationships and the power of love, when everything is working well, it becomes a beautifully functioning partnership. However, I know how destructive and painful some relationships can become.

Separating is not easy, however, I have often been able to help couples transform their relationship, move apart without the need for lawyers and the pain or expense of divorce.  I can help mediate between the parties to resolve the problems and move forward.

If you are looking to build a better partnership I am glad to share with you the tools to make that a reality!

You can call the office now for a FREE telephone consult: 212 – 686 – 5758