MeJRportrait3ga Therapy by John Ryder, Ph.D.

One long session to analyze and resolve your issues.  

Nobody grows up without issues, however for many people the self sabotage limits your progress, impairs your ability to enjoy life to accomplish goals and actually masks itself as Anger, Anxiety, or Depression.  Traditional psychotherapy slowly uncovers the details but takes months or even years because you become defensive and constantly create new road blocks that keep you going in circles.  I approach it differently.  2 sessions in one week.

I love my work because I enjoy helping people improve their lives. I know how to maximize your investment to reach the most desired results. Call me now for a FREE telephone consult to discuss how we can work together. Call my office now to talk or leave a confidential message:  646-338-5758  

Scheduling Appointments: M -F 11am – 8pm most days.

My fees are higher than less experienced practioners however, I am willing to negotiate costs on a sliding-fee basis depending on your situation.  I also am IN-NETWORK for Cigna, BCBS group, Magna Care group and Medicare. 

I accept assignment on the insurance groups listed above however please check what are your deductibles and co-payments required.  With other insurance companies: ask what are your benefits to see a psychologist out-of-network. I do make every effort to minimize the financial burden and help you process the insurance claims.

Payment can be done by cash, credit card, check or Paypal.

skype-iconTelephonePayPalCardDr. Ryder also offers Telephone and Skype sessions.

OnLine Payment for services or events through this portal:
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