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Positive DirectionsPositive Directions

Take Positive Directions in your life! This book is a practical toolbox that relies on positive psychology to explain how to shift away from negative, troubling events and make life easier. Want to learn what the smartest, healthiest, happiest and most successful people already know? The key is how they deal with challenges.
All you need is a smart personal dev2elopment book Purchase this book to learn to most advanced techniques to get rid of stress or misery and reach your dreams and find happiness. Positive Directions comes with an extensive online support system that will guide your life towards the most positive results you can have.


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“Applying John’s ideas can help you step up to an exceptional life.”

Anthony Robbins
Best-Selling Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power and International Achievement Coach

“Psychology adds to its growing new positive orientation from the work of John Ryder who describes a set of viable strategies one can use to deal with life more effectively.”

Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus Stanford University
Author of The Lucifer Effect – Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

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“What Makes the Best Decisions: Your Logic or Intuition?” by John Ryder

101 Authors contributed their best material into short focused chapters that will make you think and help you improve your life. Dr. Ryder wrote a chapter entitled “What Makes the Best Decisions: Your Logic or Intuition?” This is an important topic for anyone to consider and learn to better utilize the gifts you already have.

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Create Your Strategic Master Plan

Sunday Jan. 7th 2018

Come to this 4Hr Workshop to


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Recorded Programs – CDs



This is the Audio Pill, pop one a day to live the optimal way!



Enjoy the most powerful tools to escape stress and return your mind and body to a positive and healthy state. Dr. Ryder, an expert with over 30 years of experience, uses POETRY to bypass the critical mind to help you release tension more quickly and then reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve your goals more easily.

This CD contains his voice and soothing music to help you relax, removing stress, tension, worries and increasing your confidence, motivation, and creativity. The CD comes with 12 tracks that can be programmed in different ways. Discover the power of trance to improve your life, order your copy today.

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Liberation from Smoking CD

Stop Smoking Quickly and Easily!

The most advanced and personalized Stop Smoking system available. Quit Smoking in 7 easy steps, naturally using the hidden power of your mind with self hypnosis. If you want to quit, get this program and you will succeed without stress. Comes with a personalized worksheet to guide you to complete success.

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 Youthful Longevity CD

Unwind Your Body and Mind, Return Rejuvenated!

This program was specially designed for people who want to stay young and healthy. Reprogram your body to remain youthful and healthy. Get rid of stress and refocus on feeling good and positive energy. Let Dr. Ryder take you on a beautiful journey to maximize your well being!

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Eliminating Allergies (for women)

This program will teach you how to relax and access your subconscious mind to remove any reasons for allergies and bring you back to balance and health. Let Dr. Ryder’s soothing voice help you remove all the unwanted pressure and irritability to allergens so that you can enjoy life again!

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